The GEZE logo communicates a contemporary impression and guarantees good legibility even in small and digital media. Logo files for every purpose can be downloaded here:


Minimum size

The logo is flexible in its size, but must not be less than 3 millimetres high in analogue format, or less than 15 pixels high in digital format.

Protected area 

The protected area around the GEZE logo corresponds to half the logo height.

Shapes derived from the logo construction 

The individual elements of the GEZE logo are closely related to each other. The resulting design is used in the brand identity to create design shapes. For example, buttons or the corner rounding of the icons are based on the logo.


The GEZE logo acts as the brand carrier, and can be positioned anywhere and in any size. It should nevertheless not be used at a height of below 3 millimetres or less than 15 pixels.

Flat and with no effects 

The print and screen version of the logo is always flat, with no effects. The brand logo may also appear three-dimensionally in spaces or on products.

Confident and independent 

The logo always stands by itself and must not be interrupted by other design elements.
The new corporate design disconnects the ‘Connecting expertise - building solutions’ claim from the logo . It once again acts as a messenger in its own right. It must not be positioned directly on the logo.


The GEZE icon, consisting of the letter ‘G’ of the logo in a yellow border, ensures the brand is instantly recognisable in even the smallest of spaces.


The protected area around the icon must always be maintained, wherever it is positioned. The minimum size of the icon is 9 pixels or 2.5 millimetres.

Colour scheme

Logo rules also apply to the colour scheme.