The imagery conveys technological expertise and shows GEZE as a pioneering partner for building projects. The authentic depiction of real situations and the people behind the GEZE products and their quality builds trust, and positions GEZE as an approachable family business.

Purpose of the images

Visualisation of brand values: integral agile and progressive.

Emotionalisation of the subject of ‘technology’ by depicting the people behind the products.

Positioning of the brand as a trustworthy partner in every situation.

Depiction as an approachable family business with real insights into the company.

Emphasis on mobility and strength in all areas and for every problem.

Focus on the high quality and premium claim of the products.

What is depicted?

GEZE's imagery consists of three pillars: Products, people and architecture. Each subject area supports the brand positioning and must not be neglected. A balanced relationship between the subject areas creates a coherent overall picture of the brand. Each subject area brings with it particular requirements. For photo shoots, it is recommended to select the photographer according to the respective focus and skills and based on the corresponding subject areas.

Tips and tricks

We have some basic recommendations for spontaneous shots and quick image searches.

Data protection and copyright


When using pictures, it must be ensured that the copyright has been clarified. Images may only be used if corresponding contracts have been concluded with the originator or if images have been purchased. If possible, the originator's name, i.e. the name of the photograper, is to be indicated on the picture. Here the following form is to be selected: © Max Mustermann / GEZE GmbH

Data protection

We attach great importance to showing real people on pictures. If real persons, e.g. employees, are photographed, it is to be paid attention that these agree with the fact that their pictures are used. The consent must be formally obtained and filed.