What is depicted?

GEZE's imagery scheme consists of three pillars: Products, people and architecture. Each subject area supports the brand positioning and must not be neglected.


Overarching product presentation

Product photography emphasises the high quality of the products. Products should preferably be cropped. If, for example, mounting points or the exact purpose of the product are important, specific themes can also be depicted in their surroundings. High contrast and the use of natural light and shadow creates tension and highlights material finishes. The GEZE corporate colours can be used as background.

Product details

Detailed pictures show special features, materials or functions and always convey the value, power and performance of GEZE products in an authentic and appealing way.

Products in conjunction with illustration

The product image style is straightforward and clear, and also highlights the scientific and expert aspects. The illustration style comes across as confident and clear, and is based on the product detail guidelines.

Products in their environment

Making products tangible, illustrating customer benefits. Products depicted in a real environment show the application and make GEZE solutions tangible and accessible. The emphasis is on the seamless integration of the products in modern and smart architecture. The settings are natural and not staged. The people depicted help to illustrate customer benefits. Light and shadow can be used as stylistic elements for staging products.


People in the company (production/installation)

Being approachable, generating empathy. To position GEZE as a project partner that customers have a good feeling about entrusting their project to, it is important to show the people behind the products. The way they radiate expertise and passion creates trust and helps to emotionalise the subject of ‘technology’. Likeable people are depicted in natural situations.

People in the company (management, planners)

Leading with confidence, showing responsibility. The people who appear in images depict GEZE as an accessible family business. They are approachable as people, but also exude a sense of confidence and determination. The audience sees the people shown as equals in natural, inviting and modern working environments. Coloured accents and materials can give the pictures warmth.

Project participants

Competent partners, best solutions. Professional groups such as architects, planners, building owners, processors and caretakers are shown. The images emphasise themes such as collaboration and partnership and show people in different project phases. The themes convey a certain lightness and ‘joy in the project’, which GEZE makes possible through tailor-made solutions.


Exterior architecture

Experiencing expertise, telling stories. Prestige projects realised by GEZE are shown, which represent quality and innovation. The buildings

are depicted both from the inside and from the outside in natural settings, preferably with people who turn pure architecture into ‘buildings worth living in’. It is good to shoot story lines with several images of the people involved and the various project phases.

Interior architecture

Buildings worth living in that focus on people. Using people places even greater emphasis on the inner workings of the buildings, and so every picture should include people. The comfort and freedom of movement provided by GEZE solutions are clearly in evidence.