Frames and images

Horizontal colour areas derived from the frames emphasise product releases. In addition, frames are used for a higher conciseness and recognition of the brand image.

Highlighting products

Using the frame colour, a colour area in GEZE Yellow or Accent Blue can be used to highlight products. This area always has a horizontal expansion and is overlaid at the edges by the product clipping. The excessive use of coloured areas in a publications should be avoided. A full-area background should be avoided.

Frames on images

In addition, frames are used to focus in on and create greater recognition of the brand image. Image frames must be in GEZE Yellow and Accent Blue.

Supplement with patterns

Predefined patterns can be positioned on the image. The image information, however, should always be easily detectable.

Frames in patterns

Single frames on images

Images can also be included in the headline. You can find out more about this under the topic

Frames and text: Headlines